Day one!

My idea was to create a blog to share, search and find and maybe even be found, by other people with similar interests.

I have been quilting now for about 9 years and I am ready to move on to do my own thing in a more arty fashion.    Also I have enough big quilts and not much on my walls! I came to quilting after living in Canada and dabbling in some decorative art/tole painting.  I got to the decorative painting after living in Sydney and playing with ceramics and then a bit of warm glass.  A few things  have been catalysts to get me ready for the stage I am at now.  Firstly a couple of workshops, one with Helen Godden and then another with Sue Spargo.  Secondly a day at the Knitting and Stitches Show at the Alexandra Palace in London where I was lucky enough to meet and chat with Linda Kemshall ( She won’t remember me!), and finally a friendship with Laraine Lord who has a great wealth of knowledge and understanding and yet is still happy to play with me!

I chose the name for this blog from a quote by Hillel who was a philosopher  around the time of King Herod.  I have loved the quote for about 20 years, it gives me permission to Just Do It!

This first picture is a sample I did playing with my friend’s embellishing machine. It is wool prefelts and dyed cheesecloth onto fine linen on cotton batting.  Since this picture was taken I have added some stitching by hand and then pasted it into my” experiment” journal.  I quite like it .  It looks like a bit of water with some hills and sky.  My inspiration was from Val Holmes who I also met and chatted to at the show in London.

This is the last large quilt I completed.  It was made using “Cherish” fabrics by Moda.   Machine quilted by Cathy Davies. I used templates by ‘Elisa’s Backporch’ and arranged the blocks in some sort of symmetrical pleasing fashion.  It is now in the Uk to be used as a summer quilt for my daughter.

This is the beginning of a needle-book I am making for a challenge with The Gold Coast Quilters Guild.  We were all given a fat quarter of blue velvet fabric at the last meeting to make a needle-book or pin cushion.  We are to use at least half of the fabric!  I like to use Silk, linen, cotton, so the grey background is silk tussah suiting.






5 Comments on “Day one!”

  1. PamelaJ says:

    Nice work Jen ! ILove your work you are an inspiration to Me !

  2. Laraine Lord says:

    You’ve made a great start and I like the variety of pieces you’ve shown. I love the quilt that’s gone to Sally. Good Stitching – Laraine

  3. Charlie says:

    Wow Mama love your new blog. Also your quote – will use it myself, I think.

    I have always loved your quilts but I especially love the experimental quilt in the first picture. You have a way with colours and lines which always makes a beautiful picture. Something that could be seen as very plain – such as a landscape – comes alive in your quilts.

    We had a discussion the other day on the differences between “art” and “craft”. To me, “craft” tends to be more of a functional technology; while there can be a lot of creativity expressed in crafts such as scrapbooking or quilting, the processes can be restrictive or repetitive. My thoughts are that “art” is more expressive of emotion or narrative or impression, follows less restrictive or repetitive processes, and serves less of a functional purpose. I think your experimental quilts are definitely art, and you are very much an artist.

    Charlie xxx

  4. Sharron Farnell says:

    Hi Jen,
    You have made a fantastic start to your blog. I look forward to seeing more of your great ‘artwork’ in the future!
    x Sharron

  5. trish barber says:

    Moi !!! reading blogs.. what a surprise..
    Am really impressed Jen with your progress to artist extaordinare !! Well done.. will make exception and follow your blog…. .. From Trish…

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