Past Quilts, Errors and weird plants.

Endless chain Quilt.  A 'Sisters' challenge.This Quilt was a challenge quilt with my Tuesday Group. We swapped scrap fabrics cut into 5 x 8″ pieces – 80 to each member. We had eight members at this stage and it was a lot of cutting and sorting but each of us ended up with a lot of different fabrics. It was foundation pieced and many of the girls ended up calling it “The Mindless Chain”. Not many of them have finished it. I love it and it will go into the 2011 Gold Coast Quilters Guild Show at the Arts Centre next June or July. I first saw this quilt on one of those books of antique and vintage quilts, then I saw a pattern including foundation papers at a craft show in Brisbane. It was on the stand belonging to Julie Wallace from Quilters Barn at Loch. However when I got home I didn’t like the way the foundation papers were printed so I went onto my Electric Quilt programme and re-formatted the block and printed my own master copy to send to each of the group member.

The Challenge fabric for the needle-book is so flimsy and stretchy because it is a polyester crushed velvet, not silk. So I decided to do my appliques by sewing some interfacing on slitting it and then turning it the right way out. I don’t know what this method is called. I grabbed the first piece of interfacing I came to. After is was sewn on I decided to give it a quick press. It shriveled up! After a lot of panicking I realized I had used a soluble interfacing! So then I had to soak the whole piece several times to get the soluble gunk out. Now, that interfacing is packaged in a plastic bag with some silica gel sachets to remove moisture and a BIG label. I learned a big lesson. The next photo is where I am up to with the outside of the needle-book. Interestingly, the dogs face did not dissolve. I had used matte acrylic gel on the back of fabric so that I could cut out the face without any fraying and sew it on with out a turning. This works really well, and is quite effective I think. A little tip from one of the Art Quilt books I have been reading lately!

So this photo shows where I am up to with my challenge. I have also nearly finished the inside but will show that picture at another time. There is still quite a lot of embellishing to do on this piece yet.

I am pretty sure this is a Canna lily of some type and that these weird things might be seed pods. I noticed this when we went to pick up Dad yesterday, they are by his front door. I took several photos of different parts of the plant and might so something with them one day. I have added the photos to my “Textures” picture folder. In January I am going to start a four week/12 hour ‘Introductory Photoshop’ course at our local TAFE. I thought I would put my texture pictures on a disc and take them to play with at the course. I like the way the flower starts as a bright pink colour in the bud and then turns to a fire engine red as a flower. If you decide to do something creative with this picture could you send me a picture when you are finished please?


5 Comments on “Past Quilts, Errors and weird plants.”

  1. Sharron says:

    Hi Jen, your latest update was great and informative. I enjoyed reading it.

  2. PamelaJ says:

    I love your challenge piece, Now where did I put that yucky piece of blue velvet…… Looking forward to doing some Art quilts over summer…

  3. karen says:

    Jen its great to read the process of how you have worked on the projets.

  4. Jacqui says:

    Hi , just wondering if you found out more about your Canna Lily? I thought it was in the Ginger family, I have them in my garden and they spread like mad… I thought that the Canna Lily was a bulb? Any help you can offer would be most appreciated.

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