Cartwheels, Christmas and experiments

This is a foundation pieced mariner’s compass called “Costa Rica Cartwheel”.  It is from a DVD by block factory called Mariners Compass.  The Programme was downloaded and installed on my laptop and there are many compasses you can choose and print the foundation papers all ready to sew.  This is a UFO, It has not been quilted,  just packed away in the pile of things to do later.  I made it about 3 years ago as an exercise in colour selection and placement.  A friend suggested I stop using white as my backgrounds so I chose the grey, and I suspect this is why I have not finished it.  Although I think it looks OK with the grey background, it just does not sparkle the way I like!

Below  is the Guild   challenge piece showing the  front with the needle-book rolled up.  The right shows the book open. The centre top square is the pin cushion, filled with Lavender and underneath, made out of the challenge fabric is a booklet for needles with Doctors flannel.  On each side is a zippered pocket with an open pocket behind.  My grandmother used to make this sort of thing for everyone, although not quite as ornate and a little simpler.  She called them Hussifs.  According to Google this is some sort of English shortening of “Housewife” and is a sewing kit made for soldiers!  Obviously mine are also inspired by the Needle- books made by Sue Spargo.

This week I have been experimenting with rust dyeing, thanks to my friend’s husband who found me some interesting    rusty objects. On the left are the objects.  The photo below was taken 30 hours later when I opened the fabric.  I had rolled it up with these two bolt things. You can see my toes!  I soaked the fabric in vinegar, folded it in half and then rolled the bolts up  and placed the bundle in a plastic bag .  This is experiment 2.  In experiment one I soaked the fabric in vinegar, folded in half and put the bottom into a large ice cream container put some objects onto this the folded the rest of the fabric on top of the bits, poured the remainder of the vinegar over it and just set the whole lot on a shelf.

Here are the two pieces of fabric.  After 30 hrs they had done their job and I swished them around in some salty water, to stop the rusting process, then just hand washed them in some liquid laundry soap, rinsed dried and pressed.  Ta Da!

I am very pleased with my rusty result and will probably do more.  I am not sure what I am going to do with them yet.

Although many blogs seem to be very self serving I am finding that writing this one is forcing me to try new things each week and not procrastinate.  It is also and excellent way of note taking for trials and tribulations, experiments and play time activities!  It is also teaching me quite a lot of technical bits and pieces about my computer and how to do things.  This week I learned how to put two photos up side by side, you may think this is a simple exercise, but no, it is much more complicated than it should be!  Also it only worked on the draft, not the final product!

Merry Christmas to all and I hope to write again before New Year.


3 Comments on “Cartwheels, Christmas and experiments”

  1. PamelaJ says:

    I love the rust work, I have always wanted to try this. Great results, Can’t wait to see what you do with it next. !

  2. quiltfever says:

    Rust dyeing, what a novel idea. And I love the Costa Rican Cartwheel. But it must have taken FOREVER to make one block.

  3. Laraine Lord says:

    I love the rusting effect. It could look good with the painted vlisofix and sheer organza ironed over it and used as a journal decoration. Look forward to seeing your inspirations. Laraine

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