Selvedges, old Quilts and Transfer Dyeing.

This little stool belonged to my mother.  It was a dingy brown and in a bad state of repair.  I made the fabric using the selvedges and the quilt-as-you-go method.  The legs were painted white using Porters paints sample pots.  People give me selvedges to use, I have made a lot of small sewing pouches, thread holders, needle books and small things from them.  If you want to give me your selvedges I need to have the writing plus half an inch of the fabric for them to be useful.  When I have a large collection I sort through them and make something, but you need quite a lot so that you can sort through properly, try not to use the same brand or story next to each other.  Sometimes I have enough to sort them by colour!  This stool is the biggest thing I have made with selvedges, but I really need a quick lesson in upholstery.  I have another stool to do, which my eldest daughter wants!

This next quilt is one I made in 2007.  I had seen colour washes done in Australia and did not really like the bows and flowers and two-inch square effects.  After studying Japanese quilts in many Patchwork Quilt Tsu Shin’s I decided to use this method.  I had been given a lot of decorator samples which were all 100% cotton, and I found enough to make the blocks, so only had to buy the border fabric. The light or washed out effect is purely by colour placement and I was very pleased with my result.  This is one of the few quilts  that I still actually have!   It has a pieced back and was machine quilted by Lesley McNamara.

In the October/November issue of Quilting Arts Magazine there was an article by Kathy Barinholtz about Transfer dyeing using silk ties.  In the madness of Christmas week I decided to have a try.  I forgot to take some before photos however the first photo is the ties and silk habotai after boiling.  The second photo is the silk before drying and ironing.  I can see where colour placement could have been better but over all I call it a successful experiment and love the fabric.  I did a smaller piece of silk chiffon as well which was also lovely.  I would definitely do this again and have dried off the ties to re-use.  Apparently you can do two or three transfers with them.

Also this week I had a play with the Crayola magic clay.  I didn’t enjoy this as much and don’t think I will do any more with it.  Towards the end of this play I did try using talc to help release the stamps and molds which made it a little more successful.  I just don’t think I will use it very much and there are other things I would rather play with.

For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a fabulous book called ‘Botany for the Artist’ by Sarah Simblet.  It is wonderful and when I get up enough courage I will have a go at sketching some plants. In the meantime I have been preparing a Journal.  It was a cheap one and I have learned my lesson – I am in the process of gluing every second page together and using masking and then gesso to the other pages.  All so I can do some wet on wet sort of things without the paper balling!


One Comment on “Selvedges, old Quilts and Transfer Dyeing.”

  1. Ellen Hodgins says:

    You are a very clever bunny…..I love it….

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