Happy New Year! Sewing Nooks, Fabric paper and Elephant Quilts.

Happy New Year!  In the past I have made it a policy never to make a resolution at New Year, it is a sort of set-up-to-fail formula which I was not prepared to subscribe to.  However everyone I know makes resolutions and failing does not seem to be a concern, so this year I have made a resolution!  It is to Be More Patient!  This means I must not get angry when the internet is slow because Mark is downloading something huge like a movie! It also means I must not get irritated when tourists are out on the road slowing me down on my way from A to B! It will also allow me to be kinder to myself when the technology surrounding writing this Blog confounds me!  I have often wondered if people are successful with their resolutions.  I would love to hear the success stories!

This New Year’s Eve I also took the opportunity to tidy my sewing nook and have taken some pictures to show you.  It only looked this tidy for one day and is slowly becoming more chaotic again!  Usually I only put the machine cover on when I go away otherwise it is used every day and there is no point!  Also the ironing board is usually set up in here as well!

We have had a disastrous Christmas and New Year weather wise.  If you are holidaying with children you have all of my sympathy!  If you are in a flood zone is there anything I can do to help you?  For sewers, quilters, embroiderers, textile artists however, it was a perfect excuse to get on with things without any guilt.  So in this last week I have made some fabric paper, It is a weird thing to do and there are a lot of different recipes on the internet.  Basically you lay down a piece of quilters muslin, or any cotton fabric, on a big piece of plastic because its a messy job.  You then make a PVA and water mix of about one to one and a quarter (one PVA and one and a quarter water) which you brush on to the fabric then you lay down pieces of fine stuff, I used birds torn from my Christmas serviettes, some leaf skeletons, bits of thread, torn up Christmas hats from the bon-bons, the shred that comes out of those party poppers and some fine interfacing that I had dyed in November.  You could also use fine paper things like pages from old dictionaries or phone books, dried flower petals or if you prefer, absolutely nothing.  Then you lay a big sheet of white tissue over the whole lot and brush the PVA mix over this as well.  Put it somewhere to dry which should only take about 24 hrs unless the humidity is about 135%, as it was on the Gold Coast which is why it took several days!

Since then I have been given a fabulous set of Inktense pencils, which I have used to paint branches under the birds.  Next I intend to use some of the little wooden leaf stamps that I bought in India last March/April, to put down some leaf  shapes then watercolours over the stamps.  Then I can do some machine thread play to put flowers  on and anchor it all down.

You can use this paper to cover books, make bags, make cards, make Artist Trading Cards or Post cards, cover boxes, make boxes.  You could put it in a quilt or make a wall hanging or frame part or all of it.  You could use it as paper for the inside of a textile journal or sketch journal.   I am not sure that I will be making a lot of it but it was a very interesting exercise.

Also this week I have started three more Needle-books and signed up to Paypal.  This has allowed me to subscribe to DMTV for the year.  Unfortunately Linda and Laura are not back from holidays until the 5th of January so I have not been able to start watching yet.

Of course the task I have set myself for January is to design my Quiltsitters Challenge quilt!  I have made a couple of false starts but I am finding it difficult and somewhat constraining, also I want to design something different and stunning!  The last photo is my challenge quilt for the 2010 Quilt show which was held last July.


2 Comments on “Happy New Year! Sewing Nooks, Fabric paper and Elephant Quilts.”

  1. Sally says:

    Love both the 2010 challenge quilt and the bird artwork that I would just hang on my wall I think!

  2. Laraine Lord says:

    You have been busy! I hope you enjoyed the ink pencils. Did you find them easy to use?
    I haven’t be able to do much work as the family is visiting and little fingers and pins don’t mix.

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