Dyeing experiments,

This would be my favourite piece of fabric that was dyed last week.  I even remember how I got it to this stage, which is a miracle.  It has been pleated and folded and dyed and then re-pleated and folded and re-dyed.  I started off doing a few pieces with the colours that I had bought which all turned out to be fairly pastel but quite nice.  Then my friend arrived with her colours for me to play with.  These were older colours and a different brand but still Procion mx.

I had heard that older dyes, ie. older than 2 years would not work as well but I had no problems with the colours and got some with really nice watery effects which I was looking for –  to do the Quiltsitters challenge with.

However since I have mixed, dyed, rinsed, rinsed, rinsed, soaked, washed, dried and ironed the fabric – twice – I have decided to totally change my theme!  This is actually not typical of me I am usually  happy to run with a first decision, however with all of the research and reading I have been doing I thought I could do more with the new theme……Maybe!!

My Tuesday group starts up again next week and I am co-convening the 2011 challenge for this group so I thought I had better get on to it so I could be ahead.  This is going to be a 9″ x 12″ creativity challenge.  Small pieces so that we don’t scare away our traditional quilters and yet still be challenging for some of the more adventurous souls.  I have put my piece onto one of my ” rust dyeing experiment’  backgrounds and then quite closely quilted it.  I thought I should report that hand sewing through the actual rusty bits is quite difficult and blunts the needle very quickly.  I have taken a photo of a small area to show you and I don’t think it will give anything away!

Because each lot of dyeing really takes two days, I have not accomplished as much else as I thought I might.  I have prepared a gelatin printing bed to do some mono printing which I will have a play with this afternoon.  This is because I have ordered the sodium alginate and until it comes I can’t do the screen printing!  Very frustrating!  I can do the mono printing on some of the really ugly pieces that came out of my dyeing experimentation, and hopefully nearly totally change them!

In many of the books I have been reading about altering cloth, art quilting etc., the authors have been fascinated by old rusty things like old rusty tugs and boat hulks left to rot.  This doesn’t happen where I live.  Everything is new! and bland! and concrete!  However on the weekend we decided to cycle to Marina Mirage and have a coffee and see if the prawn boats were in, surely they would be rusty!  Only one was – and here it is, a little piece of inspiration to end this post!  That’s my finger in the corner.  All of my photos are taken on my iphone 4.


One Comment on “Dyeing experiments,”

  1. Laraine Lord says:

    I liked the two pieces with the grids from folding. It’s not often you see such geometric hand dying.

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