Supplies, frustration, Inspiration

This is a close up of one flower from a cluster in an Ixora blossom.  I thought it looked really stunning.  Although I have been studying my photoshop manuals and trying to convert the CS4 to Elements 7 I am still not good enough to attempt cleaning up this image yet.   Orange has never been my favourite colour really but I seem to be seeing it a lot in flowers lately.  Strelitzia Reginae, or Bird of Paradise is also orange.  Surfers Paradise also has lots of Royal Poinciana trees – more orange flowers.

I spent most of last week working on my piece for the February challenge for my Tuesday sewing group and can’t show any of the photos yet.  I thought I should be a bit ahead being the co-convener.  I am very pleased with my results and have kept it quite traditional in many ways.  I also had a play with my gelatin printing pad .  The results were not as good as I had expected, then in the middle of the night the other night , it came to me that I had skipped a step which is why I was not happy.  So I have been cutting a stencil that I can use on this pad and also in the silk screen as well.

This photo shows a sketchbook with a design I drew in the UK last October, then I cut out and stitched a piece of felted wool onto some silk suiting, eventually I will do something with this!  Then, a while a go when I was surfing You Tube I saw a video where they were using PVA to make a relief sort of stamp/print,  inking it then applying the print to paper and fabric.  Now I can’t find the video but thought I would have a go.  So far I have put two coats of the PVA onto a piece of Mylar over the pattern of the tree and when I get the paint out to play with my gelatin print pad I will see what happens with this as well.  This is also the design I have used to make my new stencil.

I have been very frustrated trying to procure dyeing auxiliaries in Australia.  None of the suppliers actually stocks everything you need. Only one of them uses Paypal, and some of them never get back to you!  In my research I have discovered that to really get clear colours you need to use mercerized fabric that is quite tightly woven and 100% cotton.  Yesterday I ordered  a total of 11 metres of fabric for dyeing from a company called Whaley’s in Bradford, England.  It should be here in 5-9 days and will cost (including postage) less than AU$11 per metre on average.  Included in this fabric is 5 metres of mercerized, medium weight, pfd,%100 cotton poplin!  You could get the same from the US but it would cost more and take more than 2 weeks to get here!  It is not available in Australia without polyester or spandex in it!  I am waiting to hear back from Batik Oetoro about getting some sodium alginate and synthrapol.  If I don’t hear from her by lunchtime I will order this from the UK as well.








This last photo is of the pond at my apartment building, you can see the ripples caused by the fountain and some sky reflections, as well as the pebbles in the bottom.  I will have to take more water texture photos.!



2 Comments on “Supplies, frustration, Inspiration”

  1. Grace Finch says:

    What is PVA ??? I am new to making Paper books, all the instructions call it. What is it and where can I purchase it….

    • Jen Pezaro says:

      PVA is white glue. You can buy it anywhere, newsagents, craft stores, hardware stores, emporiums like Walmart or Big W, depending on where you live. To find out exactly what it is made of you could google it. It sticks everything to anything and is usually water soluble so you can wash it out but you can get some that are not water soluble for using with wood. Hope this helps.

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