Gelatine, BOM and photoshop!

This first picture shows some bits and pieces ready to print including the gelatin pad.  You make a thick mix of gelatine in a lamington tray or similar, let it set, then lift it out and place on a surface to print.  Then you load the brayer, having never been to an art class ( and distant memories of high school do not include brayers), I found this step quite difficult.  You tube has nothing on “how to load a brayer”!  Eventually I got some paint onto the surface of the gelatin and made some prints.  The next picture shows a collection from my printing day.

The colours are limited because I have not purchased many fabric paints yet and I hope to be able to use dye in Manutex, when it arrives.  I have made some 4″ blocks with stick on foam from the craft store.  It has been stuck onto some foam core board.  I just rolled the colour on and used them like a stamp.  The checks, circles and arrows at the top of the picture, are stick on foam onto 32mm plumbing pipe then onto a regular paint roller, I can’t remember where I got this idea from but you can slide the pipe on and off to change the print shapes easily, and it is a cheap way of making marks on fabric.  You can see these things in the first photo.  All in all it was a good day and lots of fun even though it took longer to set up, and clean up at the end than it did to actually print.  I don’t think I would bother with the gelatine again until grandchildren are old enough to play as well.  But I can see a use for the quilt block stamps and the rollers for making marks on fabric.  I definitely need more colours.  These were Jacquard textile paint and some trial sized neopaque, I would like to try some pebeo transparent and sun paints – when I save up!

This is a little 12 x 12 challenge quilt for one of my groups.  The theme is countries outside of Australia.  Guess which one this is!  I had a lot of fun doing it and it only took about 2 days.  I just have to make a label now.  I decided I wanted to put some dark batting into this little quilt, but I didn’t have any.  So I dyed some with some left over blues I had been playing with.  There are several different blues in this piece.  I think it looks stunning and it was a shame to have to cut into it.

This morning my Sue Spargo Block of the Month (BOM) arrived!  Great excitement.  I have never done one of these block of the month projects before.  It is going to be quite expensive, but in the usual Sue Spargo style we will be able to put our own indent onto it.

Last week I did a second lot of Potassium Permanganate experiments.  To begin I filled a bowl with 1 litre of warm water and added  1/4 tsp of the Pot Perm. swished the fabric around, squeezed it out then hung it to dry.  This is #1 in the photo.

Then I added another 1/4 tsp for the #2 photo,   #3 has a total of 1 tsp on the mix and #4 has 2 tsp.  The very dark #5 piece was left to soak for 3 hours.  By this time it was quite stiff so I rinsed it very thoroughly, and now, after drying and ironing it is quite soft again.  The larger squares of fabric are natural seeded muslin and the smaller strips are strips of left over white muslin.  None of this lot of fabric was pre washed or treated in any way.  The writing is with a brush onto  muslin.  The numbers have been placed in photoshop – finally after a lot of homework and angst I have accomplished something worthwhile from this very expensive course.

The next photo is another one of my texture photos.  Seeing we live in a concrete jungle of sorts I thought I should just make the most of it and see what I can get.   Hmmm!   Not sure about this one!  It is the pavement near the post office at the Isle of Capri shops!  I was waiting for Mark to come and take me to give blood!


One Comment on “Gelatine, BOM and photoshop!”

  1. PamelaJ says:

    So interesting reading about your experiments with the gelatine printing. Just this morning I read an article on it in an old Quilting Arts Mag.
    I love your Art Quilt I’ts stunning !
    great work. !

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