Heliographs, sketching and rust experiments

This is the result of some heliographic printing – sun prints.  I have used  cut out shapes of my scissor collection, I thought I would need something thick and black for the shapes so used black sticky back foam but some of the shapes are just the paper on the back of the foam and I have since found out that you could just use any paper shape.  I didn’t want to do the usual leaves that everyone does.  Paper stencils are easy to cut with a sharp blade so I might cut some more intricate designs and have another go.  The paints used were Pebeo Setacolour Transparent which I miraculously found on sale at that big barn store we all hate and are forced to use occasionally!  Not my usual colour palette however I am trying to expand my horizons.

I thought I would show my design of last week with colour added.  The colouring is done with my little set of 10 Neocolour II aquarelle pastels.  These are water soluble oil pastels. weird huh?  You just lay down a little colour and move it around with a wet brush.  I quite like it and I am hoping I can simulate this style with thickened dyes on fabric.  When the dye thickener arrives!  This little design is in my everyday note/sketchbook and part of my reasoning for putting some of these little drawings in is to encourage people to do some sketching.  It doesn’t have to be perfect or fabulous or have any purpose, but I might flip through this book one day and think I really like this design and then make a quilt based on it.

This piece of cloth is part of the ongoing rust experiments.  This time I used a piece of pre dyed fabric then after neutralizing the rusting with salt water I put the piece through the wash (with some old towels), then soaked it in a fairly strongish solution of fabric softener in hot water for about an hour, then line dried and pressed it.  I am hoping this will make the rust less harsh on needles.  Apparently when you go on and do multiple layers with dyes, discharge, printing etc. on the one piece of fabric it is then called “Complex Cloth”, and if you are a bit creative – it can then be called “Art Cloth”  I just like the idea of blue and brown this week!

Because I am looking for a gutta like resist for cotton which is fairly fine to apply and will stop the dyes from feathering I have done some experiments with all of the glues in my cupboard and even bought  a couple of new ones.  So far I have used – PVA, which does wash out but doesnt stop the dye/paint from moving.  Roxannes Baste it which does a great job of stopping the flow of paint but does NOT wash out (contrary to what you may have thought).  Dritz fray check which was all over useless.  Stiffy, which was quite good at keeping the paint in place but does not wash out.  Tacky Craft Glue which holds the dye/paint but does not wash out and it STILL tacky.  Teachers Choice school glue which is difficult to make a fine line and spreads all over the place but does hold the paint/dye and washes out fairly well.  I now have some black Gutta to try next.  I have photos of this but boring!

This little pencil case is an old pattern which I was reminded of on my DMTV programme.  You can make these with anything, I used left over edges of a small quilt and joined them with the black and white fabric.

My Book shipment arrived today from that cheap American On line bookstore.  Yay!  I have to go now and read them all from cover to cover!  Luckily most of them have lots of lovely pictures.

“If you are not failing every now and again, it is a sign you are not doing anything very innovative.”  –  Woody Allen, love him or hate him, these words are very true.


4 Comments on “Heliographs, sketching and rust experiments”

  1. PamelaJ says:

    Love the scissors, great idea neat colour’s Bring the book’s tomorrow !! Please. !

  2. Laraine Lord says:

    It’s great to see how you are progressing – I think I’m being a bit lazy or reading too much. I’ve used the Seta Colour paints alot in the past. They have a great range for all kinds of crafting. I use the glass paints on my brass pieces for crazy patchwork.

  3. hi would you be so kind to share your pencil case pattern. I love it! thanks Liz

    • Jen Pezaro says:

      Hi Liz, I havent written anything on my blog for ages and had to go and check which one you wanted, Basically you make a rectangle about the size you want, quilt it, insert the zip so that you have a roll, put a tag in one or both ends so that you can hold it while you zip or unzip, turn the roll inside out, sew across one end (RST) with the zip centred in the middle, then on the other end sew across with the zip at the top of the roll. Hope you understand this. This pencil case has been around for years, you might find better instructions on You Tube. Good luck, Jen

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