Earthquakes,Pumice, Dolly quilts, Art pins & challenges.

It has been a hectic week with such a lot of time spent watching as the Earthquake disaster in Christchurch as it unfolded.  My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of those still missing.

Consequently there has not been a lot of experimentation going on, however some productivity still.  This little quilt is a dolly quilt made from a large set of Silk samples given to me by  Lisa from “Lisa’s Fabrics” at The Brickworks.  I used the quilt to practice a quilting technique I learned on one of the DMTV Programmes.  Of course the Quilt is for Sophie and will accompany me to England in May.

This is a piece of pumice, it is from the area of New Zealand that is more likely to have volcanic activity and could have been spewed out of  any one of the three volcanoes in the area at any time in the last billion or so years.  You find pieces of pumice like this all over this area, floating on the lake in the fields, at the side of the road.  This particular piece has come via my friend, and is destined to some majestic future with the CSIRO in Brisbane, where my daughter works.  I thought that it was particularly applicable as a texture piece considering the news from NZ of late.

I was googling something the other day and saw a reference to Art Pins, the reference was to the sort that are metal and have pins on the back that you can use to attach the thing to your hat, jumper, bag etc.  But my brain, working in full gear as it does, thought – Drawing pins! or press pins or what ever you call those pins that attach bits of paper to cork boards.  And so I made some, a whole lot actually, and even some with magnets on the back.  I used heavy cardboard and painted it with Lumiere paints then attached lots of different coloured beaded lace which I also got from Lisa when she was getting rid of her old samples.  So these will also go into my Etsy shop when I get enough stock to actually open it.

My Tuesday sewing group is having a monthly 9″ x 12″ creativity challenge this year.  This is the first piece.  There will be a recipe for the piece each month.  The February recipe was: a saying – Birds of a feather flock together.  Colour – any blue except aqua or indigo.  Technique – to use a piece of fabric somewhere on the front that you would not normally use on a quilt (mine is the half feathers which are painted vliesofix)  We were also to use some free motion quilting and a different form of binding.  My feathers were raw edge appliqueed using free motion quilting and I have mounted the piece onto a canvas frame to be hung on the wall.

Next week I hope to have done some more experimentation.  I  have managed to find some Elmers Glue so will continue with the glue as a resist trials.  Thats all for this week, here’s hoping for no more disasters!


3 Comments on “Earthquakes,Pumice, Dolly quilts, Art pins & challenges.”

  1. Laraine Lord says:

    The colour on the feathers is quite dark and not transparent. Did you leave the paper backing on? I liked the rusted background too.

  2. Flo says:

    I love the blue feathers.

  3. Sharon, Rowlett TX says:

    I am amazed at what you are doing with the dyes and textures. I will definitely come back and read everything!

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