Flour paste resist, rust dyeing – again, Altered books.

So here are the pictures for my flour paste resist experiments.  The first picture is the piece of fabric all pinned down to my print board, this is a failed shibori piece I dyed by tying onto a piece of plumbing pipe and then did not put enough dye into the mix, or too much water, or both.  I had no idea how thick or thin to spread the flour mix and I feel I could have gone quite a bit thinner, I have written and drawn into the mix with a skewer in the second picture and in the last picture I have waited for the paste to dry which took about  24 hours, and then painted the whole thing with pebeo setacolour transparent in their Indigo colour.  You can pretty much do the same thing with a whole range of kitchen goodies.  Rice flour, cornflour, instant potatoes, oatmeal, cooked rice you name it, if you can make a batter you can give it a go!

Here is the fabric after rinsing and washing.  I had to wait and passively cure the paint because obviously you can’t iron it!  Don’t read it it is a whole load of rubbish about Strelitzia.  I waited about 4 days.  Pebeo gives you no idea about passive cure time and I really think that this was too soon.  Next I would like to try the same flour paste technique with thickened dye, also using potato dextrin in stead of flour which is supposed to give you finer lines.

I was googling something the other day and accidentally came across a person who rust dyes and adds tannic acid to make black.  Not having any tannic acid, I made a very strong cuppa – 4 teabags strong! and got my little pipette and dripped some of the tea over the area where the fabric had started to rust.  This piece is only about twelve inches square unfortunately, It was a piece of leftover Lakehouse white on white spot.  I really love this little piece and will definitely do something with it.  I am also going to try to duplicate it.  To that end I went to that big hardware store today and made some purchases for the rust experiments.

This first little picture is the things ready to be rusted.  The second is all of those things in a plastic bucket with some vinegar and salty water.  I have added a couple of already rusted bits to encourage the others. I am going to time how long it takes.

The third picture is a foam monoprint of a Strelitzia leaf ready for printing.  I have glued it to some foam core board with the Elmers Ultimate glue.  This is for my Quiltsitters challenge quilt which I have made a really good start on.

Last week my fabric arrived from Whaley’s in Bradford!  Just need the Dharma trading order now!  Today block 2 of the Sue Spargo Block of the Month arrived.  Below is the completed block 1.

I decided to go ahead and put some beading on, after joining the Yahoo group for this I realised a lot of the others are doing their own thing with beads etc.  Can’t wait to start the next block!

Here is a page from my Altered Book which I am doing as a weekly project with the DMTV programmes.  The spoon says Taumarunui NZ: this is where I was born.  Perse wanted to go all engineer on me and get  mechanical devices to flatten the spoon, eventually I just took to it with the hammer on a chopping board!  This page is not finished, and yes I know NZ is not aligned correctly!  I am really enjoying doing this project and I am learning such a lot about all sorts of different media.

Perse was working down at the Avalon Air show last week and he sent me this picture of an F22 Raptor!  If it was rusty I think I could use it, in the meantime I will just file it away with my texture photos!


4 Comments on “Flour paste resist, rust dyeing – again, Altered books.”

  1. Pamela Gilfoyle says:

    This is great, One day I will get to try some of these things.!I love the flour resist fabric …Can’t wait to see what you are doing with your quilt sitter challenge.

  2. janet says:

    Love it Jen! Well done…

  3. I love your images! I am a librarian and also an artist. I plan to give a program soon for the public about altered books; may I use a few of your images for my presentation?
    Thanks very much

    • Jen Pezaro says:

      I have no problem with you using my photos. I have not written my blog for a few years. It was taking up too much creating time! Thanks for asking though. All of my photos are taken on an iPhone and edited using iPhoto.

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