Flowering trees, glue resists and fish.

I am so busy rushing around getting from  A to B, often I forget to really look at the things around me.  For example we have a lot of flowering trees in Australia, many of them are introduced but they do very well here.  I have decided to pay attention to the trees and make a note of when they flower and how long for.  (At this point my daughters are both rolling their eyes!)  So to that end I spent today taking photos of some of the trees in my neighbourhood that happen to be in flower.  Some of the trees I have omitted because  they are just so over publicised, for example the frangipani, or because they are a whole species in themselves, for example the palm trees; and some because I just could not find a nice specimen to get a good photo.  The first tree is the Shefflera Actinophylla, native to Northern Queensland and considered a pest on the Gold Coast by our esteemed council – I should point out that the photos I took are in the Park on Bundall Road adjacent to the Council Chambers!

Schefflera Actinophylla

The flower is the spiky thing sticking out of the top I know this from watching Burkes Back yard!  The Lorikeets seem to like it!  It is really a whole lot of berries stuck onto a stick randomly!

Delonix Regia flower

You might know this as a Royal Poinciana  tree – they come from Madagascar and love the Gold Coast!

Tibouchina flower

Probably the Tibouchina is really a large shrub and not a tree, but you can park your car under it and get some shade so in my book that makes it a small tree!

Flowering gum

I found this by accident, just driving around the council buildings looking for the Tibouchina.  If you didn’t pay attention you might miss the tree because from a distance it looks quite inconspicuous.  This tree was quite small so I could reach and pull down the flower to photograph.


These Jacarandah trees are by the Q Centre.  I have never noticed that they flower at this time of year.  Usually they flower at the beginning of summer before the leaves come in.  I wonder if they are flowering now because we have had such a lot of rain this summer.  Does any one know?

successful glue resist.

I have been playing with different glues for quite a few weeks now , looking for a cheap, locally available, glue which will resist dye, paint and other runny colouring fluids.  I have had many dismal failures and quite a few surprises.  Eventually I got some successful Glue resist!  The one most people say to get!  Elmers blue gel.  I got it from Essential Textile Arts which is owned by Susan Pietch in Brisbane.  Speaking of purchases, my first order from Dharma trading arrived today Yay!  I have such a busy week I won’t be able to get stuck into playing until the weekend.

Fresh Fish!

I wanted a photo of some fish for my altered book project.  These fish are at the Ferry Road Markets.  Have you heard of Fish Printing?  You get a fresh fish and paint it with some printing paint and then press fabric or paper onto it.  They used to do it in Japan to record fish size and type!  These fish were too expensive but I was tempted.


One Comment on “Flowering trees, glue resists and fish.”

  1. Sally Tring says:

    I love the flower pics. I know you have a whole load of flower photos and think you should publish an album for us all.
    I wasn’t rolling my eyes either, I am trying to learn the English flowers myself (though admittedly not actively). I have been trying to decide whether I like the tropical flowers or the classic English garden flowers best and I can’t choose – they are so different (something I would not have noticed back in my eye-rolling days)!
    I’d love to see you stamp fish…

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