Embellishing machines, Altered Books, PhD’s and New Stamps.

This is the right eye of a confirmed PhD candidate.

Last Friday we went to watch our eldest daughter present for her confirmation of candidature for her phD.  Of course she got it and is now a student again.  I think it will take her about 3 years or so.  She took this photograph and it is one of the more serious pictures that I have of her.  Congratulations Eldest Daughter,  we are all very proud of you!

This is an old quilt I made  for this daughter which came back to me last week to have hanging sleeves put on it as it is to be hung in the Cherbourg State School Library.  It has hand prints of all of the children in her first class in Cherbourg and they used it to sit on during story time.  The turtle is made from a really lovely batik fabric that I have run out of and cannot find again!

At the last Craft show I made the great purchase of a new machine.  It is an embellishing machine, although on the box it says “punching Machine” what it really does is needle-felt with five needles at once –  quickly!  The Picture on the right is of some of my experimentation with some wool roving and pre-felt cut into shapes and a bit of yarn on a dyed batting base.  Eventually I will make this into a little bag, but it will have quite a lot of stitching on it first.

This wine glass I drew then painted quickly into my altered book the other morning.  I spent years in the 1990’s trying to learn how to paint glass and the other day after  very little painting in the last decade, it just came to me.  Although its not perfect I am quite pleased.  The spine of the book is a piece of fabric glued down with acrylic matte gel.  I can’t remember where I picked up this technique but you stick down some flat alphabet stickers and then iron them (under some baking paper) then using a stencil type of process you paint over the stickers with some fabric paint, I used Pebeo Setacolour.  When dry you just remove the stickers and heat set from the back with an iron.  I then cut the strip to measure and glued it down.  I had already  changed the colour of the cover to match the fabric.

On the weekend I saw this wooden block stamp from India in a shop called “Tree of Life”  This is not a shop I usually go into, it looks a bit like the old hippy shops, although in the 1970’s you might have found fruit flavoured “cigarette” papers under the glass of the counter!   The painted yellow and blue piece of paper is painted vliesofix, and the gold is fabric foil.  I am very taken by these old hieroglyphs that make you think the ancient greeks had mechanical implements with gauges and steam pouring out etc.  I have stamped with fabric paint onto some decorator weight 100%wool felt.  eventually I will cut it up and weave it back together with some other stuff and punch it all together with my new machine!

This picture of the tree trunk was taken at UQ St Lucia.  I think it is some sort of pepper tree.  Usually when I take this sort of textural photo I have no idea of how I would translate it onto some fabric.  But this time I do!


One Comment on “Embellishing machines, Altered Books, PhD’s and New Stamps.”

  1. Pamela Gilfoyle says:

    I have come to the conclusion that you mustn’t sleep !! very interesting as always. !

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