Matza Tart, Fabric dyeing with sodium Alginate, The sand pumping Jetty.

Nearly Perfect! Yum!

After 31 years of trying, I think I have finally cracked it.  This is the best looking Matza Tart I Have made.  It is my m-i-l’s recipe and we have to have it to make Passover complete!  Of course the proof will be in the eating, and after the huge meal no one can eat much, so left overs for tomorrow I hope!

I have finished my Quiltsitters challenge quilt, just have to sew on the label.  After all of the angst, agony, teeth gnashing, block counting and other drama, I actually like it.  I can’t post a picture until after the quilt show in July!

Fun with dyes.

Last week I spent 3 days playing with sodium alginate and procion mx dyes. I used the sodium alginate as a thickener in different thicknesses, goopy, medium and slightly runny.  Added to the dyes, and applied to fabric which had been soaked in soda ash and then dried or just soaked in the soda ash and still wet.  Using the book by Ann Johnston, “Colour by Design”, I used rollers, sponges, needle nose bottles, foam brushes, large brushes, rubbing plates, stencils, stamps, masking tape and lots of colour!  It was tiring, and fun.  Over Easter I will be finally playing with mono-prints, thermofaxes, screen prints, stencils and more colour. These photos include some of the results.

This is a beautiful piece of fabric given to me by a friend, It is a very fine shirting or poplin and has the most beautiful drape.  The plaid is made with masking tape.  I have kept some of the masking tape and already put some of it into a page in my altered book.

This is one of the last pieces when I was using up some paint and in a hurry.  It was done very quickly, but proof to me that when you have drawn something often enough, or traced or stenciled or made stamps or all of these things in the end you just know it well enough to even attempt a freehand drawing.

When Q1 opened I went up to the top, mainly because I wont let my fear of heights stop me from going up every tower in every city.  On this occasion I took a photo, looking towards the apartment we now live in.  This is my interpretation of that photo.  There are some definite improvements in my technique that I need to make.

This was fun,  the plain alginate, with out colour, was painted onto the dry fabric first, then the picture sort of smooshed on, quite a bit of finger painting went on with this one.

On the weekend Perse and I went for a walk out along the sand pumping jetty.  He had never done this!  He took his camera and got some fabulous shots of seagulls in flight, landing and on the railing staring at us.  I took this one of the sea between waves,  It is a magnificent colour.  There were lots of fishermen there but didn’t see any fish being hauled out of the ocean!


5 Comments on “Matza Tart, Fabric dyeing with sodium Alginate, The sand pumping Jetty.”

  1. Robyn Dixon says:

    Perhaps you could bring along any tart leftovers on Wednesday!

  2. Laraine Lord says:

    I’ve always been interested in the effect of grids on colour whether they are overlays or coloured stitching. One more thing to try!

  3. janet says:

    Well done with the Matzo Tart, Jen. It looks terrific. Wish I was there to have a piece! Hope you had a great night!

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