Anzac Day, Screen Printing, first art work and blue flowers.

My maternal grandfather was at Gallipoli and survived to fight other WWI battles, then lived to be over 80.  My father served in WWII with the RAAF and RAF and is still alive and nearly 92.  Neither of them were big on marching at Anzac day parades.  Weird huh!  To all of my friends who have husbands, brother and sons still serving in hot spots throughout the world, this is your day as well.  You should know that this is not the only day I think about your loved ones away protecting our way of life.

I had a lovely day today.  These two photos are screen printing using paper shred as a resist.  I started this morning with a couple of monoprints on perspex using my rubber combs.  I have had these combs for years, I used to use them to make wood look like timber! using acrylic paint.  The monoprints were similar to the gelatin prints I did in January and February in result.  I have been putting off the whole screen printing thing for ages, mainly because I have never done it before or even seen it done in real life.  It was so much fun! I had a ball and have lots of ideas for new print stencils.  It takes me a while to set up and I have to be really organised to do it in the apartment, but great fun and well worth the effort.  I used procion mx dyes mixed into extra thick sodium alginate.

Yesterday we took dad down to Bangalow for lunch.  Never got there!  Too much traffic but made it into Byron Bay, also too much traffic but at least moving!   Then home via Murwillumbah, and the Numinbah Valley.  We stopped at a garden centre near Chillingham for afternoon tea and found some more nice flowers.  But still haven’t found a theme for my Sandra Meech class!

I like these blue flowers, I think I will start a collection of blues.  I did notice that on the Robina Parkway there were some of the African Tulip trees with yellow flowers as well as some with orange flowers.  But Perse was driving so no chance of stopping.

A friend asked me to see if I could dye Dr’s Flannel,  The dye has to be sort of mashed into the fabric but it turned out quite well.  I have also dyed some wool batting today to see how it turns out.

I tried making a copper solution with soda ash, and then with urea water.  There was not even the glimmer of a change, however I have added all of the extra copper to my original jar.  I tried dipping a piece of fabric that had been soaked in soda ash, dried and then pressed.  The solution was already the same colour, but the soda ash seemed to stop the copper colour from forming well so the sample was very pale.  I also splashed some of the solution onto a small piece which had been rust dyed and had tea spilled on.  The rust and tea made no change to the colour of the copper solution.

Although you can’t really see in the photo, the copper soln has made a nice blue in amongst the rust and tea dye and I might rust a piece of fabric especially for the copper solution.

This is the first drawing I have received from my granddaughter.   It is now framed and hanging on the wall!


2 Comments on “Anzac Day, Screen Printing, first art work and blue flowers.”

  1. Laraine Lord says:

    I think the dye on the Dr Flannel took realy well. It seems to have a good depth of colour – stronger than I thought it would be.

  2. sue says:

    Jen, I love your screen prints, they have inspired me. Simple so often creates great results that lead you on to more experimenting.

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