Beaded Purses, the beach on Labour Day, The GOMA and cycads.

the purses, finally completed.

Here are the two purses finally completed and ready for sale.  I have been doing a lot of tidying, cleaning up, and finishing things off ready to go away.  There is still a lot to do plus kits to make up to take with me to complete while I am away.  This week I have the Sandra Meech class and I think I am ready to go to that, then right before I fly I have my sewing group retreat and there are a few things to get ready for that.  Today I used up the old dyes on paper using monoprints, the dyes are too old for fabric, they wont be light fast but they were fun to play with on paper and I had a really good play at the monoprinting  Next thing to do will be a Collagraph.  Maybe when I get back!

These two photos are the beach near our apartment.   I was playing with the ‘thirds’ rule, putting the horizon line in different spots.  We were walking back from a lovely lunch with friends at the Northcliff surf club.  How vivid is that blue in the sky?

Here is a screen print using the tree stencil that I have used in different ways before.  This time with dyes thickened with sodium alginate.  I quite like this piece and will probably call it finished but I do have lots of other pieces that are going to need more work.

Last week Perse and I went to the 21st century modern art exhibition at the GOMA.  This is one of the art pieces – a collection of painted vases, there is lots of deep thought and statement behind this work but I just like the colours!

This vase display was beautifully lit and the high lights formed these lovely shadows,  I also really liked the yellow with the blue vases.

These weird red seed pods (I think) are in a large cycad at our building.  I thought they looked quite lovely and will add them to my textures file.


5 Comments on “Beaded Purses, the beach on Labour Day, The GOMA and cycads.”

  1. Laraine Lord says:

    Looks like we’ve both been busy. I love the pures. It good to see them finished.

  2. Sally Tring says:

    I think the same about artwork – I know there is lots of thought and meaning behind it all but it’s the pretty colours that make me like a piece!

  3. janet says:

    Gorgeous purses Jen. You are so clever – just love your pics of the beach too. Quite something. xxx Jan

  4. Sue D says:

    Great images Jen. The purses are lovely. I can see some great things evolving from the cycad – very interesting – they are amazing plants.
    I’m looking forward to seeing some images of your SM workshop book…

  5. Shiree says:

    my you have been busy indeed, your little purses look gorgeous!

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