Purple, Sandra Meech workshop, Macbooks

The colour for this month’s 9 x 12 challenge with my Tuesday sewing group is purple.  Even though I had a bit of a say in the recipe for the challenges I still find there are colours which I find difficult to work with, purple is one of them. I thought making a collage with my purple textures might help all of us find some inspiration. You will notice there are some fruit and vegetables missing – aubergines, red cabbage, plums, dragon fruit, grapes, tamarillos (which make all fruit salads turn purple!). I looked around for some purple buildings but we are just not that architecturally colourful here.  I think the collage looks quite inviting, I hope you do too.

Sandra Meech

I was lucky enough to get a place in a two day workshop with Sandra Meech last week .  Here is a photo of her demonstrating. The workshop was entitled ‘Stitched Sketchbooks’ and we learned many skills during the class including how to ultimately find inspiration within the sketchbook to eventually make a quilt.  Sandra was a very giving, and gentle teacher and had all of us using artistic skills some of us didn’t know we had!

This is the sum total of the class works after two solid days!  Like many of our pieces many of these will take a long time to complete.

I have a new computer, it is a Macbook pro, so I have been madly trying to get all of my files transferred over as well as learn the new operating system.  Today I transferred all 5,000 odd photos!   I have to say it is all much simpler than I thought, and it is lovely to have a computer that feels as though it is on my side!.  My rule has been that Perse is not allowed to lay a finger on it so that I will learn.  In the past he has done everything and so I have not learned the procedure.  We have discovered that he finds it difficult to explain without actually pressing the keys!  However so far so good and I have had one group lesson at the Apple shop and have another one on one lesson booked for Wednesday.

This is the statue that serves as the memorial to Australian Vietnam Veterans.  It lives on the new foreshore right in Surfers Paradise.  I had an idea that it would be easier to draw a carved face than a real one.  Hmmm!  I will let you know!

The final photo is one from the collage.  I took it at my friend’s house last week and it is in this final position as an experiment.  Because of the way fb loads the text and photo!


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