Quilt close-ups, Old men and their birthdays, May flowering Trees.

This is a collection of close-ups I have taken over the last few years of quilts that intrigued me for some reason.  If you see your quilt here, I hope you feel honoured because I have been to quilt shows where I have not taken one photo.  I have also been to shows where I have felt that it was time for me to hang up my needle!  Shows where I have decided to start collecting BAD quilt photos.  These are not politically correct things to say, but sometimes there just is not any thing positive to say about a quilt!  This is where properly curated quilt shows are required, so that some one less harsh than me can gently let the maker know that her quilt does not meet the required standards.  In many cases, its just a matter of the ‘being self taught’ thing just not working and some serious quilt making lessons are required.

My father is 92 today, he is in hospital and does not really feel well enough for partying, but mentally he is sharp as a tack. Having him in hospital is a good opportunity for me to do some unsupervised cleaning and organising at his place, hence the lateness of the blog and the lack of experimentation.  He should be home again soon.

Pindara, the hospital Dad is in, is having a revamp. This is a window insert in one of the hallways that has been added to get to one place from another without having to go through wards.  There are several of these windows along the hall making it bright and fresh.

This is a small tree which is in flower at the moment here on the Gold Coast.  It starts with these chartreuse pin cushion flowers then the flowers turn into clumps of berries in the same colour which then become purple empty seed pods.  I have no idea what sort of tree this is, if any one can tell me I would love to know.


3 Comments on “Quilt close-ups, Old men and their birthdays, May flowering Trees.”

  1. janet says:

    Thinking of Laurie and hope he is feeling better on his Birthday – maybe even better enough to go home! That would be a really good Birthday. With love… Jan

  2. patchworksue says:

    Hi Jen
    I think your tree is a Golden Penda tree. native to Qld in the tropics….

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