“Kitchen Plastic Shibori”, Creative Quiltmaking, Ancient Carvings!

These three photos are before during and after, using the whole of the top of the milk bottle.  I cut the plastic  quite close to the neck so that you can still screw the lid on over the fabric.  This is an idea I got from Janice Gunner, I only had enough caps to do half of the piece of fabric.  It is dyed with procion mx dyes from Dharma Trading in the US, using Bright Orange and Burnt Orange.  The dye concentrates have been in my frig since April 13 which makes it about as long as they are safe to use.  I think the worst thing that will happen is that they will not be very light fast – too bad, I have had commercial fabric fade in a matter of months as well.

Here is another set using long freezer clips.  You can get them from supermarkets!  The colours are Imperial Purple and Blue Violet.

This final 3 are done with cheap plastic pegs.  I don’t think that they were strong enough and I am now looking for some of those wind proof pegs.  I think these colours are blue and brown.

I call these “Kitchen plastic Shibori”.  They are all ideas from Janice Gunner and easy and fun to try.  I think some of them might work better in an Indigo Vat because it works a little differently to Procion.  Indigo seems to attach to the outside of the cell, where Procion goes right in and makes changes in the cell.

These two photos are from My DM Creative Quiltmaking course photographs.  The first exercise has been to find a collection of objects, which will later be used quite a lot for inspiration.  I chose the old Optrex bottle because Optrex is supposed to make you see more clearly.  The glass is one of Mum’s sherry glasses.  The rubber duck is to remind me of Sophie.  The Christmas decoration is my something red and something shiny.  The seed pod I found a while ago and is from the Gold Coast.  I am not sure what plant it comes from.  I have discarded the round basket in favour of the simpler  square box, however I am going to add the patterned shell.  The next few stages involve sketchbooks and drawing – deep breath!!

The Star fish are in a shallow pool in Shark Bay at Sea World on the Gold Coast  I had to wait for a long time to get this photo while children came and went and cast shadows and touched the starfish.  We were visiting Sea World with the Whirlwind while she was here!  They are in about 10″ of water!

We thought Sea World was extremely expensive to enter and also expensive to be there, food etc is mediocre at best and as a captive audience  you are stung badly in the wallet.  I also had the WORST cup of coffee of my life there!  Having said all of that we had a lovely day and the displays are wonderfully done.  I could watch the polar bears and the penguins all day and Shark Bay was fantastic.

This carved stone is in The Cathedral in Chester.  The Cathedral was built on the site of an ancient Abbey hundreds of years ago.  This stone was saved from the ruins of the Abbey when the cathedral was built.  It takes my breath away when I see this sort of detail that is so old.  I wish we had such great artisans more prevalent these days!


2 Comments on ““Kitchen Plastic Shibori”, Creative Quiltmaking, Ancient Carvings!”

  1. Sue D says:

    Great and simple dyeing ideas Jen! The seed pod is a banksia. Love the starfish – I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with the inspiration!

  2. Laraine Lord says:

    I love the purple fabric using the freezer clips. I can see it as a book cover with hand made, stitched and layed cords with lots of beads.

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