Chartreuse flower centres, Bagley the Westie, Dyeing again.

How about this for a flower centre?  This was taken with my iPhone 4 at my friends house.  Sometimes I wish I could use an SLR camera.  Mostly I just want to get my hands on a big microscope with a camera.  I think the colours in this flower are just magnificent.

This is Bagley the Westie, he is now nearly 12 weeks old and loves to get up at dawn.  Unfortunately dawn at the moment is about 5am and its going to get even earlier.  Bagley is a HUGE time consumer.  He has graduated from Puppy Pre-school and will be starting Beginner Obedience training on Saturday!

This is a 2 metre piece of fabric I dyed with my Tuesday Girls,  Three of us dyed a 2 metre length of fabric each.  We used the same dyes and each got totally different patterns and colours.  Next we cut up this piece and make it into a small rail fence quilt.  The first week we dyed the fabric, yesterday we cut it up and made the 4″ blocks,  next week we will put the blocks together. It will be interesting to see how different each of the quilts will be.  I dyed some threads at the same time, to do some hand quilting with.  I did the Thread Dyeing class with Lisa Walton while I was in Sydney, it was a fabulous class with a wonderful teacher and some interesting classmates!     It feels good to be back into some dyes again, there is nothing like a bit of turquoise under your nails.  Sort of like a badge of honour.

This is a picture painted by my daughter, the mother of my grand-daughter!  It is about 18″ square and painted in acrylics from a photo she took.  Now I really am sorry I steered her away from Art School.


3 Comments on “Chartreuse flower centres, Bagley the Westie, Dyeing again.”

  1. Sally says:

    I didn’t want to do art in high school because i thought there were too many essays involved. I didn’t really care about the history. Not sure if I really do now!

  2. nuvofelt says:

    I currently have magenta under my finger nails. Does that count too?

    Gloves? Do you mean the ones with holes in? LOL

  3. Laraine Lord says:

    Life is the best learning tool – plus a desire to have a go!

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