Old Quilts, Doodles, Results.

This is a quilt that I started in about 2003 and completed in early 2005.  I may have put it on this blog before and if I have I apologise.  Its the summer quilt for our bed and it’s nearly time to put it on again.  Half of the silk was garnered from decorator fabric samples, some I bought, and some was brought back for me, by my daughter, from Vietnam.  It is a bit faded now and looking a bit older from wear and tear, it has a hard life on our bed, what with dogs and kids and whatnot.  However it still looks good and I love it.  Silk frays and sheds even if you just think about looking at it, and even if you use a walking foot it likes to travel but I still would like to make another silk quilt.

Here are two of the three Sharpie doodles I have done over the last few days.  Both of these are on fabric.  I am addicted to this now and I have done a third doodle on previously soda soaked fabric and I am going to try dye painting with it.  This was our homework for ‘Serendipity’, we got the idea from the book “Sew Wild” by Alisa Burke.  Next I am going to try a text doodle!

Last week we had the pleasure of being shown around a beautiful garden in the very West of Brisbane, the roses were magnificent and there were lots of lovely other flowers which I also took photos of but I just love this one.  The garden was mulched with barley straw and here is a barley ear fully grown so really a weed!  One day I am definitely going to do something with all of my texture photos!

These blocks are rail fence blocks for my ‘Sisters” Tuesday project.  Only three of us are doing the project but we are all very pleased and I hope to show you the results in the next blog.  I put this photo in because it had the weird insect on it.  In the past I would have shooed the insect away, now I quietly get my phone to take a picture and get quite close up.  At the time I was laying out my blocks sorting out the order of things!

Here is one of my last Activities for my City and Guilds course Module 1.  I now have Module 2 which requires that I visit a museum, I need a reasonable sized museum with OLD things that are beyond copyright, also a museum that will allow me to take photos.  For example the V&A or the British Museum in London, or the Auckland Museum.  The Queensland museum in Brisbane would do, but no!  Its closed until January!  What museum closes it’s doors?  What about school visits?  Google gave me a couple of other local museums, a war museum in Mudgeeraba with tanks and arms, yuck, a maritime museum at Southbank, a wax museum in Surfers Paradise.  None of these appeals really but I will try the Maritime and until I do this I can’t move on with the course.  I feel like I live in some sort of cultural wasteland.  This isn’t true, we have an Arts Centre and galleries, playhouses, theatres.

Bagley at Obedience School. The photo is very dark because there was a raging thunder storm going on around us.  We are under a shelter carrying on with the school!  As you can see, he is very good at sitting now.



4 Comments on “Old Quilts, Doodles, Results.”

  1. Annie Andrew says:

    Hi Jen
    Just loved the doodles – very creative. Quite Liberty like I thought. Have always loved Aubrey Beardsley so these really appeal to me – as you knw I am a black/white afficiando.
    Annie A

  2. Sue D says:

    Hi Jen! what fabulous doodles! imagine them in stitch!! they would be wonderful. You have a great imagination… good luck with the museum, the maritime one will be quite interesting I am sure, or you could try the Redcliffe museum, don’t know how old the stuff is there, and also there is a good little one Redland museum, Smith st at Cleveland with a lot of artifacts and furniture etc. no mummies though! lol a replica old mansion in miniature scale, which really appealed to me! and a miniature school room as well from early days….

  3. Jen Pezaro says:

    Thanks Sue. I will look into the Redcliffe and Cleveland Museums as well.

  4. Laraine Lord says:

    I loved the doodles. (too good to be doodles) The banksia is great too. Your drawing is going along in leaps and bounds.
    Very inspiring.

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